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B2B & B2C Services

Examining the life-cycle of a domain, is just as important as examining the life-cycle of a product or service.

Crypty provides business ideas and where requested, post the mere sale of the domain, can generate schematics to plan to maximise the life-cycle of the domain.

Furthermore, our team are willing to explain to prospective clients the market environment the domain is targeting, the position of the "brand," and explain how a site could be developed to position the "brand" in the most optimal manifestation.

Crypty has contacts with several coders and industry experts who maintain websites for major (Gyms, websites and companies). Bearing that in mind, if you have any questions relating to whether the idea is technically feasible, our team in certain instances can liaise with the experts and provide a third-party opinion on whether our and/or your idea can be implemented in practice.

Crypty additionally can run through the finances with you and ascertain whether a project is economically feasible.